Our Love Story

"We Escaped Brokenness And Embarked On A Journey Of Becoming One."-Bre 

Meet Eric and Bre Smith, passionate and dedicated Kingdom Transformational Marriage Coaches and Pastors who know firsthand the transformative power of faith and the healing it can bring to broken relationships. Eric and Bre met in the fall of 2018 via match.com. They both received prophetic words that year regarding meeting one another and how the lord was preparing both of them for marriage. Prior to talking to one another online, the lord had both prompted them to do a pray for your future spouse challenge by Jamal & Natasha Miller. Within one week of doing that challenge Eric and Bre both ended up matching on match.com and have been inseparable ever since.

Although their love was destined and ordained by God, it did not come without its own set of challenges and hardships. One being Eric's Diagnosis with Autism, which affected their ability to communicate with one another. On top of that they grew up with very different upbringings. Bre  grew up abused and did not have an healthy example of what a good marriage looked like. While Eric on the other hand did. Since Bre did not know what truly unconditional love looked like, she would often times in turn around get angry and verbally and emotionally abuse Eric.

Just three years ago, Eric and Bre were on the brink of divorce, grappling with deep-rooted issues and contemplating the end of their marriage. However, through their unwavering faith in Christ, commitment to their marriage vows, marriage therapy, and deliverance, their once broken marriage has been transformed into one that is healthier, happier, and stronger than ever before. 

Eric and Bre’s personal journey through the challenges and struggles of a failing marriage has equipped them with a deep empathy and understanding for couples in similar situations. With humility and authenticity, they share their own story of redemption and restoration, offering hope and practical strategies to those who are facing similar trials.

As Kingdom Transformational Marriage Coaches, Eric and Bre draw upon their extensive knowledge of biblical principles and their own personal experiences to guide couples towards healing, reconciliation, and lasting love. Their coaching style is marked by compassion, wisdom, and a genuine desire to see marriages thrive in alignment with God's plan.

With a firm belief that faith and commitment to Christ can breathe new life into any marriage, Eric and Bre empower other couples to rebuild trust, improve communication, and reignite the flame of love. Their coaching sessions provide a safe space for couples to express their emotions, address underlying issues, and develop practical skills to navigate challenges together.

Eric and Bre’s mission is to help couples rediscover the beauty of a Christ-centered marriage, where love, forgiveness, and grace abound. Through his guidance, couples are encouraged to embrace their faith as a cornerstone, finding strength and inspiration in the teachings of Christ as they build a union that reflects His love and commitment.

Whether you're facing marital struggles, seeking guidance in premarital preparation, or simply desiring to strengthen your relationship, Eric and Bre are committed to walking alongside you on your journey to a vibrant, fulfilling, and God-honoring marriage. With their compassionate approach and firm grounding in faith, they invite you to experience the transformative power of Christ's love in your own marriage.